Who are MYCO?

Hello, we’re MYCO, the company behind the delicious, innovative meat replacement Hooba - learn more about us as a business in this blog.

Hello, we’re MYCO, the company behind the delicious, innovative meat replacement Hooba.


We’re passionate about creating a food system that can feed everyone, sustainably and healthily, whether they’re committed carnivores, staunch vegans or somewhere in the middle.


An introduction to our ground-breaking Hooba can be found here, but here’s our chance to tell you a bit more about what we do, why and how –after all, we’re passionate about accountability too.


Essentially, we want to save the planet.


How? By developing natural and sustainable, plant-based meat substitutes, reducing land use, food miles, and the production of CO2 through innovative farming methods.


We do this partly through our use of technology, which has already enabled us to improve and automate agricultural systems, reducing the space we take up and the mess other manufacturing methods leave behind.


Compared to regular livestock farms, our space-saving modular, vertical plants are absolutely tiny, and can be placed almost anywhere.


Using AI technology, our Automated Vertical Farming System takes care of planting, growing and harvesting. The system is housed in a sealed environment where data from cameras and sensors can be monitored by our AI, which was developed with Teesside University.

This ensures optimal growing conditions are maintained and that the products are harvested at the correct time – minimising food waste and energy use.


The system can also be adapted to grow other high-value crops in the future – we have high hopes for the possibilities it offers.

And our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. We power our farms using energy from the sun, and any waste straw we produce is transformed into hydrogen fuel, which enables us to be carbon negative. The CO2 we do produce is utilised in-house or stored.


Underpinning all of this is our commitment to being accountable.


Consumers these days are empowered more than ever before to ask questions about their food, where it’s come from and how it was produced.


That’s why the data from our sensors will be used to create a permanent record of all environmental inputs, outputs and energy usage from our farms, to enable transparent reporting on CO2 usage and other metrics. Eventually this will be accessible and trackable by our partners, customers and consumers – putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to our ESG commitments.


At MYCO, we firmly believe that changing what we eat can change everything, and it starts with us; we’re saving the plant, one meal at a time.