Sustainable technology

We believe we can all continue to eat the foods we love,
and fix food systems while we’re doing it.

Our technology enables us to improve and automate
agricultural systems, reducing land-use, waste, food miles,
and the production of CO2.

Our current system can be adapted to grow other
high-value crops.

The science of yummmmmm

Tiny footprints
Our products are straw-grown. And, compared to soy or livestock farms, ours are positively dinky – starting at just xx cubic meters. But then it only takes xx cubic m to produce a yield of xx kg per year. That’s enough to make xxx Quater Pounders!

Myco’s, modular, vertical farms can be placed almost anywhere. Some of our food industry partners and customers choose to co-locate Myco farms, substantially reducing food miles.
Zero Waste
We aim to create more of what we do need (delicious protein), and less of what we don’t (CO2). We power our farms using energy from the sun, and any waste straw we produce is transformed into hydrogen fuel, which enables us to be carbon negative. The CO2 we produce is utilised in-house or stored.
A single source of truth
As consumers increasingly demand accountability and transparency from food suppliers, the data from our sensors will be written into the blockchain to create a permanent record of all environmental inputs, outputs and energy usage. This will enable transparent reporting on CO2 usage and other metrics. Eventually this will be accessible and trackable by our partners, customers and consumers – facilitating and validating ESG commitments.
Veg Tech
Our Automated Vertical Farming System (AVFS) takes care of planting, growing and harvesting. The system is housed in a sealed environment where data from cameras and sensors can be monitored by our AI, which was developed with Teesside University.

The AI program ensures optimal growing conditions are maintained and that the products are harvested at the correct time.

Do the math.

What we eat affects all of us. Swapping out meat for Hooba® mince adds up to food that’s good for us and the planet. When we change what we eat, we change everything.

Make the swap to Hooba® mince and reduce your negative environmental impact.

Hooba® is the secret ingredient to a better tomorrow.
CO2 Emissions to produce a kg

Make the swap.

It couldn’t be easier for our food industry customers and partners to swap out meat for Hooba®.

Hooba® is produced to work with your existing meat production process and machinery. All you need to do is clean your machinery and swap in the Hooba®. And what you create will be indistinguishable from your original meat product.

Reduce your business’s carbon footprint without changing the machinery you already have.
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