What is Hooba?

We’re best known for Hooba, our tasty mushroom-based meat substitute. But what exactly is it, and how do we do it?

At MYCO, we’re best known for Hooba, our tasty mushroom-based meat substitute.


Indistinguishable from meat in taste tests, Hooba is better for your health and the environment – in fact, it’s all part of our plan to save the planet, one meal at a time.


Much of Hooba’s appeal lies in the fact we create it from oyster mushrooms, giving it its distinct meaty flavour and texture. You can use it in place of mince in all sorts of recipes, from burgers and sausages to cottage pie and lasagne; the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


It’s a great choice for developing your vegan or vegetarian lines, as it provides many of the benefits of real meat – with none of the downsides.


That’s because, unlike other plant-based proteins, oyster mushrooms are a complete protein, containing all nine amino acids. In fact, the quality of protein found in oyster mushrooms exceeds that of soy and rivals the protein content of real meat.

But the protein power of mushrooms isn’t Hooba’s only nutritional benefit; oyster mushrooms are typically high in antioxidants, niacin, vitamin D, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid.


And, did we mention, it's also allergen free!


How we do it

We’re looking up and with vertical farming, our footprint is tiny.


Our Automated Vertical Farming System (AVFS)takes care of planting, growing and harvesting, housed in a sealed environment where data from cameras and sensors can be monitored by AI, to ensure optimal growing conditions are maintained and that the products are harvested at the correct time.


In numbers, the benefits of our methods are clear; it takes 36kg of CO2 emissions to produce a kg of beef and 6.4kg for a kg of soy, while precisely no carbon emissions are produced for a kg of Hooba.


The taste test

Don't just take our word for it; Hooba is proving popular with our partners in the food business, who use our mince to make delicious meat-free bangers, burgers, sausage rolls, bolognaise, lasagne and more.


Food giant Wall’s has already used Hooba in a range of vegan snacking products; with its meatier taste, it’s ideal for a healthier take on the sausage roll.


And that’s what Hooba, MYCO and our sustainable farming methods are all about; continuing to eat the foods we love, and fixing food systems while we’re doing it.


We’re saving the world, one meal at a time.