Julian "Jay" Croslegh

Co-Founder and CEO of Myco Holdings and CEO and Head of Innovation at Myr@d


Finance | Marketing | Strategy | Business Growth | Analysis | Efficiencies

Jay is a commercially focused business and project management specialist, greatly experienced in logistics, security and food tech projects. Jay focuses on Myco’s strategic vision, technology solutions and personnel management.A former Army Officer and trained telecommunications and IT engineer, Jay has over twenty years’ experience developing projects for SMEs, corporate and government clients. Insights gleaned from growing up on a traditional hill farm have enabled Jay to pioneer new ways of thinking about food and where it comes from. In 2016, Jay and John founded Myco Group Ltd and developed the Hooba® range of plant-based meat substitutes. Jay delivered the strategy to commercialise Hooba® as a manufacturing ingredient in UK-based brand names, supermarket own brand and finished products. More recently, Jay developed the concept for the Automated Vertical Farming System (AVFS) along with the blockchain integration.